What is Wired4Life?

We are each responsible for our own “wire” in life.  What is your wire like?  Is it straight, bent out of shape, strong or weak, live with energy or rusty and broken, is it barbed and catches opportunity or smooth and well polished? Or is it neglected and worn out?  Whatever your wire is like now, is this how you want it to be?  Are you happy with it?


Wired4Life offers several opportunities for you to fix your wire, maintain your wire, or upgrade your wire. 

Merchandise: Maybe you just want to look wired: Stickers, tanks, tees, hoodies, beenies


Blogs & Social Media: Maybe you just need some inspirational wiring

Training Programs: Maybe you need to liven your wire! 




I am Andi Hardy, The Barb Wire Queen of Green.  I have a B.S. in Education and Coaching and an M.A. in Education.  I hold a personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise, and am a certified Spartan Group Exercise (SGX) trainer.  I have been an Elite Obstacle Course Racer since 2012. In my years of competing I have multiple top three finishes.  Outside of the obstacle course racing world I have several 5K top three finishes, two triathlon top three finishes, and a 10 mile race top three finish.  I hold my own with half marathons and have completed a full marathon as well.  I am a multiple time pull-up contest winner, Slosh pipe contest winner, and tire flip contest winner. 

Not only do I love to race and compete, but I love fitness in general. I gave up a career as an educator to work in the fitness industry. I have worked as a coach for the Spartan Race Workout Tour for two years.  I lead workouts across the country to large groups of people.  The participants vary from beginners to advanced athletes.  I also coach and train individuals and groups outside of Spartan Race through my business called Wired4Life.

I absolutely thrive on promoting healthy lifestyles, fitness, encouraging and guiding others in their fitness journeys, and also being a role model to thousands of people world-wide. I have a very outgoing personality, and a smile that can convince the most unlikely to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  I find it very rewarding, and my life’s mission, to help others find and embrace a healthy lifestyle and find happiness within.

When I’m not coaching, racing or training, you will find me standing on my head, hiking a trail, climbing rocks, on some kind of adventure, or seeking a new challenge.  And if there is barbed wire nearby, I will find it.  I’ll most likely be wearing green and will always have a smile on my face.  Life is meant to enjoy, and that I do in the healthiest way possible!!